Tag: saddle bag

♥ Happy Together I wore: pants, COS; lace booties, courtesy of Le Babe Shoes; cachemire and cotton T-shirt, courtesy of Prince Tees; sunglasses, courtesy of Blackfin Eyewear; coat, Shrimps; faux fur hat, custom made; bag, Christian Dior customized by me. Pics taken in Budapest.

#outfit. Happy Together.

♥ Go gentle I wore: skirt, tailor made; riding boots, custom made; wool jacket, Prada; hat, Daks; bag, Dior vintage; gloves, Martelli; chunky wool shawl, courtesy of The slow catwalk handmade.

Go gentle.

♥ Don’t forsake me I wore: skirt, Prada; tights, Tabio; shoes, chameleon Fendi; velvet top, courtesy of Lazzari; hat, Daks; coat, Burberry; gloves, Lazzari; bakelite bangles, vintage; bag, Dior.

Don’t forsake me.